How to Speed Up Performance Laptop / PC with ease

How to Speed Up Performance Laptop / PC with ease - to slow this time we will show you how to maximize your computer's performance, or not. Desktop or laptop computer that uses a slow process to was to wait and why every laptop or install a new operating system and a high performance, but as long as we. The risk of a slow and very slow to Hank, including Wah Offset

To share handles these questions and tips to make your computer or laptop is faster than the original performance. Well, here are some tips that will extend the power of a desktop or laptop computer:

1. Turn off unnecessary applications. If you wear or restart the computer, please check requests and applications close unimportant by (Ctrl + Shift + output) is displayed as shown below.

Then select one of the applications that are not important, and click "finish the job."

2. Clean the disc to the hard drive. If the Windows registry and installed new, cache, cookies and Bloom still there, but if you browse and everyone is going to go on the hard disk, making the performance of your PC accumulate / laptop. Now, please remove that computer maximum performance. Proceed as follows:

Click Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools choose - and Disk Cleanup.

Then, as the image is displayed at the top, select the partition / hard drive clean and pleasant to be.
Well, then check it and click OK.

3. withdraw defragment your hard cross. What is the goal of eliminating the fragmentation of the hard drive? Cancellation Pauly hard drive, not cleaned or remove files, but again, the file is on your hard drive so that the computer / laptop can easily be found, so that the performance to improve. Made defragment pleasant regularly once a month or 2 weeks. Proceed as follows:

Click Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools, and then click Disk Defragmenter.
Then it will appear, as shown above. Select the partition you defragment and click Dc and wait for the process to be terminated.

4. Take the last place locuri.Ultimul or trace the history we are using a computer or laptop to where it is stored. It is important and must be clear in order to maximize the performance of your computer. What is as follows.

Log on to your computer - click anywhere Visits - delete all files.

5. Cleaning software download CCleaner. This program helps clean up garbage on your computer to improve performance. We make it easy to clean with this software and free software. Download here.

6. Implementation of the restart. Re-Run is to improve the performance of the laptop or computer, in case of delays or start to slow down the computer because it will be updated on the computer, and the process went smoothly again.

7. shrink. Applications will not increase the burden on the thought process is important computer or laptop to ensure that the programs / applications on the importance of old computer / laptop (Start). Proceed as follows:

Click the "Windows" + "R" in a - Type "msconfig" - when you click "OK" - and then select the start and check whether the application is not as important as the image above.

These are some tips from a computer or laptop, we can achieve higher performance. Good luck and if you have any questions or further suggestions, please search below. Thank you for your visit.
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