Ferrari 488 cravings but not enough money? This Diecast Solution

Tokyo-488 GTB become the latest Ferrari model line. So wonderful is the design of this car is pushing a miniature Japan origin, Mr. Collection creates a tiny version of the Italian supercar.

MR. Collection has just released photos of miniature Ferrari GTB 488 with a scale of 1:18. Alerts you of Autoevolution, Thursday (17/6/2015), the uniqueness of this company is already producing a miniature version of the original car though not officially delivered to the hands of the consumer.

It has an overall length of miniature 4567 mm from the tip of the front bumper to the rear bumper. With such dimensions, there is enough space to embed some components such as the engine or also the rearview mirror

MR. Collection make it very detailed both the exterior as well as interior. From the photo shows if at the wheel of a miniature has been equipped with devices of the following disc brakes caliper as well as the shape and color of a Chair that is very similar to the original.

For those who already want to have Ferrari 488 but not having enough money or lazy waiting for the delivery process, Mr. Collection offers miniature line for US $ 400 or around Rp 5.34 millions.

A row of Ferrari V8-engined it lined up in the city of London

London-Ferrari became one of the world's leading manufacturer of supercar. Manufacturer of the jingkrak horse logo is currently famous for its V8-engined vehicles.

As a celebration of the success of the V8 engine, Ferrari won eight eight-cylinder-engined supercar models to London, United Kingdom. This celebration at once exploited also by manufacturer based in Maranello to release 488 GTB.

Alerts you of the page Carscoops, Fri (1/5/2015), the V8 engine was first used by Ferrari in 1975 on the model 308. Earlier, carrying the Ferrari V6 engine supercar that ended on the model Dino.

The glorious eight-cylinder engine of the Ferrari 328 model continued in 1985 and continues to expand on the model 348 or known as the Testarossa. The relay baton from any move to 348 model F355 in 1994.

As for the model 488 GTB is the latest model in the family Ferrari V8-engined. This supercar is the next generation of model F458 Italy.

488 GTB supported 3.9 litre turbocharged V8 engine that was capable of producing power of 661 Kindergartens in 8 thousand rpm with torque reaching 760 Nm. Supercar is capable of darting up to speed 200 km/h in seconds and capable 8.3 records the best lap time of 1 minute 23 seconds at the Fiorano circuit.

The flood of demand, buy Ferrari GTB 488 Must Wait 2 years

Canberra-the latest supercar market the official Ferrari GTB 488 to the rest of the world. 488 GTB prepared be the successor model 458 Italy.

For the Kangaroo country market, Ferrari has also been preparing the best variant 488 GTB. A myriad of advanced features have been pinned on this supercar.

"Australia's GTB 488 is a variant of the best in the world. You can find features like satellite navigation, iPod connectivity, rear parking sensors, or that do not exist on similar models for markets outside Australia, "said Herbert Appleroth, Ferrari's head of Australasia.

As a result, this supercar ever flooding. Reportedly, more than 100 consumers have to wait two years. The case reported by the Motoring, Friday (30/1/2015).

"Before the car launch, we already have a waiting list for two years. Actually a very blighted two years for our clients, "he said.

As for the 88 GTB offered with 469,888 Australia dollar price or around Rp 4.62 billion. This price is apparently more affordable Australia 55 thousand dollars or roughly Rp 541.4 millions rather than model 458 Italy.

It is said the first car, the Appleroth 488 GTB to market Australia recently landed on Dec. The price is according to Apleroth will go up in June of next year be 530 thousand dollars or around Australia 5.21 billion.

Indonesia Can ration of 15 Units This Year Ferrari GTB 488

Jakarta-PT Citra Lasting automotive (CLO) as the official distributor of Ferrari in Indonesia has launched the Ferrari GTB 488. This supercar also became a prima donna in all over the world including Indonesia.

ARI Christopher, CEO of PT CLO, said if his side has yet to open the booking model was officially. However, he admitted it's been a lot of consumers who want to 488 GTB proposal.

"Reservations are not yet official but there are already those who are interested," he said, Friday (31/7/2015).

Further, Ari describes if booking long 488 GTB takes approximately about one year. As for this model will be produced starting in 2016 without any quota restrictions from Ferrari principal in Italy.

Reinhard Jakobus, Sales Manager of Ferrari Jakarta added if booking to 488 GTB will begin in November. The quota given by Ferrari for this year by as much as 15 units.

"There are 30 reservations, from the numbers already there are 20 of them who are already paying," he said. Practically, when the number of orders exceeded the quota, then they will be allocated on allocation unit next year.

Not officially produced, the Ferrari GTB 488 Already Roam

Dusseldorf-Ferrari 488 GTB is Ferrari's latest model line. This model is much global debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015.

As a new model, the manufacturer based in Maranello, this recently opened reservations and not officially produced 488 GTB. However, the figure was found wandering in the GTB 488 Dusseldorf.

Reported by Inautonews, mid-range rear engine supercar V8 this appeared on a parking. The figure of Ferrari comes in color combination silver-black.

In fact, the Ferrari GTB 488 is already using license plates with the domain of Germany. The Ferrari GTB 488 such appearance has elicited curiosity among people who see. Many are wondering who is the owner of the lucky ones who managed to bring home the car was much faster than any other bird.

As for the Ferrari GTB 488 was a facelift from the previous model were very popular, namely 458 Italy. The increase occurred in all aspects of mechanical, aerodynamic side covers and display.

For the mechanical heart, Ferrari 488 GTB twin turbo V8 engine carrying 3.9 litre with output reaching 670 Tk and 760 Nm of torque, this Car can afford. glide up to 100 km/h in 3 seconds with a maximum speed of up to 330 km/h.