Agent: Honda Will Stop production of Dodge Spacy Helmet in

Jakarta-the sale of one of the variants of scooters matik Honda, namely Honda Spacy Helmet in this year's acclaimed decline compared to last year. But Honda firmly denied the rumor calling the production process would be stopped.

To get certainty the cause of the phenomenon, detikOto confirm directly to the Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor, Margono Tanuwijaya.

"There is indeed a decrease (Honda Spacy). Motorcycle helmet with the concept in such a Spacy hard earned, "he said on the sidelines of the event Day Bikers Honda 2015 at Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan, Saturday (21/11/2015).

However, Margono flatly denied news that mention motor production process it would be stopped. According to him, the production of the motor will still keep going.
"But we Nah setop (stop production)," he said.

Data received from AHM, detikOto sales Honda Spacy in October 2015 of 543 units. The amount declined considerably compared to September period last year that as much as 1146 units.

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