Great! A third Employee at the factory Ducati is a female

Bologna, Milan-Motor-motor for Ducati is synonymous with the nuances of race and men really. But did you know, it turns out that women also play a role in producing that Ducati motorcycle.

When the Ducati factory visit to detikOto in Bologna at Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati 3, 40132, Borgo Panigale, Bologna, seen some women with middle-skilled working on Ducati machinery, be it the standard model to model superbike.

"From about 1200 employees working at Ducati, 30 percent are women," said Ilaria, a tour guide who accompanied detikOto and other media rounds on the factory Ducati.

Unfortunately when you sign in to the factory, we are forbidden to photograph the action while the women preparing the Ducati motorcycle with their own hands.

At the end of this year, not a lot of activity at the plant since the middle of the low seasons aka season of quiet, not a lot of demand for the production of the motor.

When it's low seasons like this one, the motor-a motor that came out of the factory range between 150-180 units per day. If you've entered a crowded season, usually in February-may, the number of motorcycles produced could swell to 350 units per day.

"For next year, a hectic season estimated January-start until July, because many new models right next year, there are 9 units. When it's August, the employees here off a month. Yes, there is a month to go overseas, such as to Indonesia, "said the beautiful woman.
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