Marquez Is Still Waiting For A Helping Hand Greet Rossi

Madrid-Marc Marquez claimed to be ready berbaikan with Valentino Rossi followed controversy in 2015. Marquez insists just wait for Rossi welcomed a helping hand.

Rossi, who raced for Yamaha Movistar, involved several incidents with Marquez (Repsol Honda) in 2015. They are very fierce duel among others in Argentina, the Netherlands, and then Malaysia.

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In the latter incident Marquez even drop, made Rossi on the process were convicted and should initiate the ultimate race in Valencia from the last position.

In Valencia, Rossi was being competed with Jorge Lorenzo, his own teammate, in the MotoGP title contested by 2015 in the end finished fourth. It is not enough to create a Rossi world title.

The race in Valencia were back on the hot coals in the relationship gave rise to Rossi and Stoner; Rossi pointed Marquez already escorting Lorenzo to victory, continuing the tudingannya before then that Marquez did indeed prefer Lorenzo so world champion.

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Valencia held on tests later, Marquez claims to be ready to make peace with the situation-related relationship Rossi today. In an interview with Marca this weekend, he again confirms it.

"It is a complicated issue but in Valencia I already said everything in my heart and my hands already outstretched (for berbaikan)," said Marquez.

"I fully understand the situation. He lost up the title and he definitely upset with a lot of people, but in the end I believe the entire leading MotoGP rider knowing the mentality of the other rider and that if we have a chance of winning then we will attempt to make it happen. "

"As I've said, my hand already outstretched and anytime he wants, we will improve the situation," he said.
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