A row of Ferrari V8-engined it lined up in the city of London

London-Ferrari became one of the world's leading manufacturer of supercar. Manufacturer of the jingkrak horse logo is currently famous for its V8-engined vehicles.

As a celebration of the success of the V8 engine, Ferrari won eight eight-cylinder-engined supercar models to London, United Kingdom. This celebration at once exploited also by manufacturer based in Maranello to release 488 GTB.

Alerts you of the page Carscoops, Fri (1/5/2015), the V8 engine was first used by Ferrari in 1975 on the model 308. Earlier, carrying the Ferrari V6 engine supercar that ended on the model Dino.

The glorious eight-cylinder engine of the Ferrari 328 model continued in 1985 and continues to expand on the model 348 or known as the Testarossa. The relay baton from any move to 348 model F355 in 1994.

As for the model 488 GTB is the latest model in the family Ferrari V8-engined. This supercar is the next generation of model F458 Italy.

488 GTB supported 3.9 litre turbocharged V8 engine that was capable of producing power of 661 Kindergartens in 8 thousand rpm with torque reaching 760 Nm. Supercar is capable of darting up to speed 200 km/h in seconds and capable 8.3 records the best lap time of 1 minute 23 seconds at the Fiorano circuit.
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