Ferrari 488 cravings but not enough money? This Diecast Solution

Tokyo-488 GTB become the latest Ferrari model line. So wonderful is the design of this car is pushing a miniature Japan origin, Mr. Collection creates a tiny version of the Italian supercar.

MR. Collection has just released photos of miniature Ferrari GTB 488 with a scale of 1:18. Alerts you of Autoevolution, Thursday (17/6/2015), the uniqueness of this company is already producing a miniature version of the original car though not officially delivered to the hands of the consumer.

It has an overall length of miniature 4567 mm from the tip of the front bumper to the rear bumper. With such dimensions, there is enough space to embed some components such as the engine or also the rearview mirror

MR. Collection make it very detailed both the exterior as well as interior. From the photo shows if at the wheel of a miniature has been equipped with devices of the following disc brakes caliper as well as the shape and color of a Chair that is very similar to the original.

For those who already want to have Ferrari 488 but not having enough money or lazy waiting for the delivery process, Mr. Collection offers miniature line for US $ 400 or around Rp 5.34 millions.
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