Dozens of Fake Windows Phone Application Aims User Password

Jakarta - The cyber criminals have always tried to attack the users of smartphones. This time, the Windows Phone Store application store reportedly inserted a number of fraudulent applications to steal user data.
Reported by Softpedia, Sunday (11/22/2015), a series of applications that try to gain access to private information such as passwords. Most of these applications use names that are similar to popular applications in Windows Phone, in order to trick users.
One of the false application bermana "Tweetium Beta (free)". Tweetium original one Twitter client application in Windows Phone.
The team behind Tweetium also warn users not to download the fake application. "Warning: There is a fake application 'Tweetium Beta (free)'. Do not put it up. The application that tries to steal passwords," wrote the developer.
Not only that, according to Neowin reports, application developers the same false false released approximately 30 other applications that use popular names to trick users.
The Microsoft referred to already know about the dozens of false applications and already remove it.
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