Older generation active on Facebook than on Twitter

Jakarta - Based on studies involving hundreds of students and hundreds of community members of United States (US), even the older generation is the more active on Facebook. However, different results shown by Twitter users.
First, Shaun Davenport and his colleagues found that college students (average age 20 years) that show higher narcissism (measured by the Narcissistic Personality Inventory), more do not like to update your Facebook status. However they tend to have more friends on Facebook.
By contrast, among the general public who were recruited online (average age 32 years) with higher narcissism, more use of Facebook, both in terms of the number of updates as well as friends. The researchers speculate that the younger generation who grew up with Facebook, use of social networks is a common practice, regardless of the type of personality.
Then for the older generation, who did not grow up with Facebook (age range 18-75 years for the public sample), Davenport and his team revealed a status update on Facebook is not part of their social norms and may not be driven by motives narcissistic. So that they can be said to be more active in the world's biggest social network.
Then what about Twitter? But the result is different from Facebook. Analysis showed that for students, higher narcissism is associated with a more active use of Twitter. In addition, higher narcissism associated with the motive students to use the micro-blogging site. Students are more narcissistic likely to say they post updates to attract followers (followers) of new and get admiration at Twitter.
Furthermore, there is a relationship between narcissism students and motive to use Facebook, but this relationship is weaker than Twitter. "This pattern of results suggests that students prefer narcissistic Twitter than Facebook and narcissism predict the reason for use, as well as the active use," the researchers said. They added, Twitter may have a number of features that are very attractive to those who are narcissistic, including the fact that the relationship in Twitter does not require reciprocity. The reason is, people can follow you on Twitter, without you have to follow them.
For the general public, higher narcissism is also associated with a more active use of Twitter, even more than the use of Facebook. However, for this sample, connects between narcissism and motive to use Twitter, weaker than the relationship between narcissism and motive to use Facebook.
The advantage of this study is the use of two large samples that include different age groups. While weakness is its design is correlational, meaning we can not know for sure whether one factor (say, narcissism) really affect the second factor (eg renewal Twitter more). Therefore, this relationship may work in reverse or there may be several other factors that also affect.
"We agree with other researchers who have called for the use of experimental design bigger," said Davenport and his team.

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