Electric car-Samsung-made Chevrolet Launched the beginning of 2016

Los Angeles-electric hatchback Car joint venture between technology giant Chevrolet with South Korea, Samsung, i.e. Chevrolet Bolt production version would be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 2016. However, the achievement of a new beginning 2017.

Page Worldcarfans, Sunday (22/11/2015) report, the information is directly submitted by the Executive Vice President of Global product development at General Motors, Mark Reuss. However, that statement is not accompanied by information exactly when the time of the launch.

However, Chief Executive Officer of GM, Mary Barra, certainly would give the opening remarks at the exhibit itub on 6 January. The result, that event is estimated to be at the same time as the launch schedule.

Meanwhile, Mark Reuss as reported by Leftlanews, as found at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2015 says electric cars Bolt is able to traverse the distance of 321 kilometers (km) in a single battery charge. Bolt is estimated at US $ berbanderol or approximately 30000 Usd 400 millions.

Chevrolet Bolt will face tough competition in the class of environmentally friendly vehicles with a long distance range. Tesla Motors for example, a manufacturer that will set the launch of the Tesla Model 3 promised in 2017 will be able to reach 402 km with distance is approximately US $ 35000.

The production version of the Chevrolet Bolt seems to be introduced directly by the CEO of GM, Mary Barra. He was honored as the keynote speaker at the event.
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