Battery life is lighter, FUEL Consumption Toyota Prius up to 40 Km/liter

Fuji-some time ago Toyota launched the Prius entered the fourth generation. Origin of the Japan Automobile manufacturers was held an event at Fuji Speedway test drive to prove the reliability of the Toyota Prius.

Fourth-generation Prius was first implemented the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). The car was designed with large scale changes include fuel efficiency of up to 40 km/liter.

There are two options in the Prius that Toyota offered by i.e. battery nickel-hydrogen and lithium-ion battery. Batteries that offer high energy density and the use of lightweight lithium-ion batteries could produce efficiencies of up to 40 km/liter.

It was a world record for a car equipped gasoline engines. Record-setting results fuel consumption is positioned as an entry-level model with the lowest price.

"Nickel-hydrogen Battery weighs 40 kg and a lithium-ion battery 25 kg. This 15 kg difference makes a big difference in terms of fuel efficiency, "said the head of system development Division Vehicle Hybrid, Shunsuke Fushiki.

However, he said, the two types of cars that show the same driving performance as good. Although there are concerns about the price of lithium-ion battery for this type of entry level, he said that they managed to suppress the price is almost the same as the version nickel-hydrogen.

"We also got steady support from corporate customers who are very concerned with fuel efficiency for entry-level car," said Cihef Engineer Koji Toyoshima.
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