Label Application Advertise on Google Play Store Start 2016

Surabaya- Google re-issued related policies Android application store, Google Play Store. This time, Google will label the so-called ad-supported applications in it.
This policy will cover the whole ad is called in the application either in the form of banners, original advertising, and advertising from third parties. The changes will begin in 2016 at the same time this will be a requirement for the developer.
This policy is actually a part of the program Designed for Families which was introduced some time ago on the mat Google I / O.
Citing information from pages Tech Times, Sunday (22/11/2015), the program was originally intended to campaign for child-friendly applications in the Google Play Store. Then, the program is continued in all other applications in the Google Play Store.
To support this policy, the developers are given the opportunity until January 11, 2016 to begin implementing the new rules on its application. Further reported that this rule applies to all application updates begin January 11, 2016.
This policy is one of the so-called Google's move to create a more transparent application store. Google itself is not the first company to implement this policy. Previously, Apple has also been implementing these policies at the application store.
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