Welcomes Birth of daughter, Facebook boss would leave 2 Months

Surabaya - The following is a summary of the most popular news that the attention of the reader in the canal Tekno Liputan6.com, yesterday, Saturday (21/11/2015).
1. Welcomes Birth of daughter, Facebook boss would leave 2 MonthsFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would take a leave of absence for two months after the birth of his first daughter. This statement directly from Zuckerberg through his Facebook account.
Zuckerberg said he and his wife had been planning to take time off in the first months of the birth of their daughter.
"This is a very personal decision and I decided to take a leave of absence for two months when our daughter was born," said Zuckerberg through his personal Facebook page.
2. Screen Smartphone 4.7 Inch Most Popular, Why?If you still doubt the dominance of Apple, a new report from the provider of intelligence devices should Device Atlas will change your mind. The report includes a number of categories, one of which is the screen size (and resolution).
According to reports Device Atlas, which quoted from Phone Arena, Saturday (21/11/2015), the data obtained comes from web traffic report that captures information such as operating system, browser, and the size and resolution of the display every device. Expresses, 4.7-inch screen smartphone is still the most popular.
3. The text of the ITE Law Revision `Hilang`, It ChronologyRevised manuscript Act No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions, also known as ITE Law, has just declared `hilang`.
Information about the 'disappearance' date fromsuratedaran Twitter account. To note,suratedaran managed jointly by Digital Democracy Forum and the Southeast Asian Freedom of Expression Network (SafeNet).
In booms,suratedaran ask UU ITE continuation manuscript revision. "Tonight Netizen Indonesia ... there who know where nyangkutnya Revised manuscript UU ITE? Contact us."
4. mega-structure in the Sky Alien Residents Gegerkan Melbourne AustraliaStrange sightings were thought to be signs of the emergence of the aliens was hovering in the sky Melbourne recently.
Although appearing so short, just two menitan, the sighting was recorded extra terrestrial team of researchers based in Australia, UFO Lou. Video object sighting was also uploaded to YouTube video sharing networks.
According to information cited from the website Tech Times, Sunday (11/22/2015), the appearance of such a mega-structure with inverted triangular shape.
5. Sales Slump Continues Windows Phone DevicesStep 10 Microsoft to release Windows Mobile in fact not boost sales of Windows Phone that slump. Windows Phone market share in the third quarter of this year only 1.7 percent.
In fact, last year in the same quarter a successful Windows Phone had a market share of 3 percent. That information is obtained from the analyst firm Gartner reported some time ago.

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