These engineers Create Bumblebee from Car Wreck

Zhengzhou-an engineer who worked in Zhengzhou, China, creating a replica of one of the fiction film Transformers, Bumblebee. The entire replica is made from a junkyard of used cars that are around the area.

Bumbleebee, Chinanews alerts you as high as 12 metres and weighing approximately 22 tons of this is a result of the creation of Li Futang, 42 years old, along with two friends. The total time that was spent to build a robot with a characteristic yellow color is approximately five months.

More interestingly again, giant robot is not only sculpting. It also comes with some technology that makes it ' look ' life, such as lights, sounds, and music. This could even play Bumbleebee head up to 180 degrees and spray mist cooling on her chest.

Look at the picture, which he had made there are two Bumbleebee units. In fact, some models are also seen being worked on. Two of them are Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, the King of the Transformers.

Li was not the first person to make a Transformer robot. Early last year for example, father-son pair also makes Transformer robot from car-used car and sell it at a price which is pretty fantastic. It is unclear what will be done with robots-Li robotnya. He can just sell this work as the father-daughter pair.
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