Forget the parking lot, This Guy Find his car after 2 weeks

Suffolk-a man finally found the back of his car after it had time to forget where memarkirkannya. It took until his return two weeks ' United ' with his favorite mounts it.

As reported by Dailymail, of these events began when James Boyett attended a Halloween party at the University of East Anglia on 30 October. Apesnya, he forgot to place his parked Volkswagen Golf.

Had hurriedly, Boyett eventually ask please numerous parties, including making the announcement on social media. Until his car is known to be in the parking lot of the Castle Mall after two weekend passes.

"I think social media can help and does so. Now I am very relieved, "said Boyett.

Although the car is already known its position, the problem obviously has not yet been completed. How not, he must pay the Bills parking of 280 pounds or approximately 5.8 million Usd.

Lucky parking Manager understand the difficulties experienced by Boyett. They eventually remove the parking fees that. "Since Christmas, we'll let you out for free," said parking attendants to Boyett.
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