This Sophisticated Glasses Can Be Surgical Features Of Volvo Cars

Redmond-Microsoft Corp. and Volvo Car Group working together creating a technology named HoloLens Microsoft. This pair of glasses that resemble tool lets users explore vehicles in detail.

Alerts you of The Globe and Mail, Monday (22/11/2015), they demonstrated a prototype of the Volvo S90 HoloLens with objects in Microsoft Headquarters Headquarters.

Described, the user can see Microsoft HoloLens Volvo S90 in the picture a three-dimensional hologram. With the help of hand control, users could dissect like seeing car chassis and machine hybrid.

Because it can build real object in virtual, HoloLens Microsoft claimed to provide ease in explaining the features of the car. On the S90 for example, this sophisticated eyewear users can easily find out the features of otonomos.

Interestingly again, users easily find out how existing features work on the car. In the video, aired on how these tools can be a matter of automatic stopping features. This experience is certainly not the consumer will get when trying a real car.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's software will become the HoloLens mandatory in selected showrooms in the next year. So far, this tool has been tested in 11 cities in the u.s. and Canada.
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