This form of car interiors in the future

Stockholm-at a time when other manufacturers are releasing new cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volvo and even introduced the concept of the intelligent interior. In this concept, some components can be relocated in accordance with the needs of the rider.

Alerts you of The Globe and Mail, interior design called Concept car was created to 26 otonomos that they believe will be realized in the near future. With a car that is capable of reaching its own space, then helm must adapt.

This concept consists of three modes: drive, create, and relax. Drive, as its name suggests, is the mode that makes its users can drive comfortably, where the distance between the seat and the steering is made with precision.

While the create mode is intended so that the rider is able to work in the car. By enabling this mode, then a 25-inch screens will appear next to the circumference of the steering wheel that her position a little entry. SDari side door panels will then appear Board that allows the driver to write on it.

The last mode is to relax. If this mode is enabled, then the Chair going backwards a few cm back, with the backrest is also made out of. Will appear also anchoring the feet from the bottom which makes relaxing more comfortable.

The third mode, according to Robin Page, as vice-president of Volvo interior design, is the result of in-depth research. "Our Research clearly shows that some people will use the time as best as possible in the car otonomos. They want to relax, watch, or listen to music, "he said.

While according to Peter Mertens, senior vice-president of research and development Volvo Car Group, because of their flexible approach, the concept is very likely to be realized after car otonomos viable and safer to use.

Before this, Volvo is also actively developing its own otonomosnya car. Percontohannya program is being done in their home country, Sweden. Several other manufacturers also are developing similar technologies is the Tesla and BMW.
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