Toyota Hilux Is Dressed a la Mercy G63 AMG 6 x 6

Sofia-an engineer in the company of Bulgaria, Vromos origin modifikator, Toyota Hilux pickup changing into a pickup with six wheels like the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6 x 6. The luxurious cabin ever performed the blessing touch modifikator Overdrive.

As reported Worldcarfans, Sunday (22/11/2015), with the addition of the axle body are getting longer and the cabin made the more airy. But that is not less interesting is the impression of luxury in the interior.

Front seat upholstery can be replaced by dipersaikan in elekronik as well as seat Land Cruiser belonging to output in later. The leather Alcantara upholstery wrap sheets, door panels, center console, as well as the dashboard.

Revision also touched the wheel circumference was replaced with a more ergonomic. The circumference of the steering wheel are also coated sheets of skin.

While the entertainment and information devices are replaced with the same device but is larger and the output in the latest. As for the exterior, apart from the display of the additional axle, braking system also made more qualified.

Supporting safety and comfort features of the more optimized.
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