" 8 To Be Great"

8 to be Great
1. Passion
2. Work
3. focus
4. Motivation
5. the IDEA
6. self development
7. Serve
8. the Diligent

1. the 8 Traits for success
Passion Is An Initial Step
The first belongs to the nature of oang2 success is they love what they are doing. The similarity of eight traits do matter, but I put PASSION in the beginning because if you to develop seven other successful properties.

When I asked successful orang2 what helps them be successful, the first words out of their mouth often is "" love "orPASSION "of the third Russell Crowe tells me about what brought him reaching for the Academy Award for best actor, he uses both these words:" most of all, Ireally love the art work of this role. I have a great passion on this subject. I like to tell stories,so it's easy to do this job. "

Dave Lavery, a NASA expert who launched the robots to Mars, said to me, "passion is hardlyenough to describe what I felt. I found what I loved to do so, something that evokesgairahku and membutku excited. This makes me want to get up and go to work in the morning, and did not want to go to sleep at night the day. "

Many people are in a State of poverty last said that passion was the one who pushed themtowards success they experienced at present. Graham Hawkes told me that he "salaorphanage in all fields." Until he was able to design a revolutionary sea dives in, set up fivejoint technology, and holds the world record for the deepest single sea dives. Graham said, "people near me tell me that I'm really excited and motivated on what I'm working on. And Ithink this is normal-normal course. "

Sometimes passion misconstrued as ambition. A well-known real estate developer, DonaldTrump, it appears as a very ambitious, he said: "I am still not ambitious, I just love what I do,and yyang if you love what you do, you will do many things for the sake of it. And then,people will say, you are an ambitious person, "

Either in the room or in the classroom, meeting of passion always bring differences in all areas. Brian Little, a teacher who was chosen to be the most famous profesoryang by his disciples at Harvad once said: "my personal project is teaching with passion, and I will do anything to get to do my project is to succeed." Hey, if so I also want to be his student!

You'll be doing things that menabjubkan, if you love what you kerjaka. Passion was the one who delivered the Aimee Mullins scored a record-setting run, even though he doesn't havetwo main things to run a pair of legs. Both legs were amputated below the knee when he was a kid. Nevertheless with the help of artificial legs and a real passion, he scored a number of records in the paralympics. It has a suitable name because "Aimee" comes from theFrench meaning "to love", and it itulahyang into a major key to its success in the run andbranch in his life. It is not surprising if he said, "If indeed it is passionmu, then it is not wrongto mention, you'll be successful."

The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only wayto do great work is to love what you are doing. steve Jobs, CEOApple
I do my job with full of flavor of love. I really want to do it all. I don't know where it comes from a sense of this, but I would recommend it. Jennifer Mather's famous animal behaviorexperts.
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