Hangouts are Accessible Non-Users Google

Jakarta - Google just provide more convenience to conduct business meetings or other meetings via Google Hangouts service.
Quoted from Computer World, Sunday (11/22/2015), Google announced that one does not need to have a Google account to use Hangouts. He just need to be invited.

"Joining a meeting should be as easy as walking into a room. Ease should occur either meet in person, or face to face via video. Terhubunglah with teammates and doing something, while maintaining control and security you need dI work environment," wrote Patrick Wynn , Google Product Manager at Google For Work business unit, in a post.

Updates to Hangouts, which is a feature that was first introduced as part of Google+, is being rolled out this week.
Wynn noted that in order to join a meeting, users only need to click a link in the invitation. The person making the request is invited invited guests through Google Calendar. Either on the web, mobile or Chromebox for the meeting, said Wynn, the process works the same.
Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, said that this update is helpful.
Furthermore, Gottheil said that while this does not seem to be many people without a Google account to use this feature in a commercial setting with the requirements of the old account is fairly possible.
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